Question Of The Day: The Armor

what do you think of the armor on halo 4?

Honestly? Most of it looks like crap. From a canonical standpoint, very few look like they would be functional. Still, reading some the descriptions is enjoyable since it gives a view of the post-Halo 3 Halo universe, but that is like sprinkling some jelly beans on a rotted fish, it doesn’t really improve anything and you just wasted some good jelly beans.

Just *plain silly

i would have said this looks like the most functional armor yet. granted i didn’t do full inspections, but it looks like the greatest range of motion.

halo 3 and before were by far the worst with that diaper.

They look like sports uniforms instead of military armor… so silly.

Some of the armour looks good, such as Warrior, Soldier, Gungnir and the revised Halo 3 armours, but a lot of them look quite over the top. The armours in Halo 3 and Reach looked functional and fit the Halo aesthetic, while the a lot of the Halo 4 sets look like they don’t belong in the game.

The redesign of Master Chief and the new Spartan IVs was a good decision on 343 part and the removal of the so called “Space Diaper” was a good mark in my book mostly because it I thought I looked kind of funny and silly.

The armor itself looks mostly functional though some the designs are really silly and kinda out there.

If there was improvement that I can suggest to 343 is that the visor layout should match you UI layout.

Overall a good improvement over the Bungie armor designs “not saying there bad though”.

The legs, forearms and visors are awesome otherwise some of the chests, shoulders and helmets are horrible.

-First of all, helmets without visor. How the hell it made it to Halo? Come on, sensors and cameras are BAD! A helmet with a visor looks more human it’s the eye of it. Started at Reach with the Gungnir (Robo-Duck helmet lmao), we now got a bunch of those now. They looks super awful. Fighting against faceless foes? Boring.
-Second is helmets with horrible design. Personally I hate the brain tumors of Pionner, Commando, and Enforcer. Split up and f(word) up visor like things of Venator or Wetwork. Hazop’s smashed up visor. Orbital is also a bad looking. It’s cool because it has a skull painted on it? NO, it’s only cool for 12 years olds! Horrible. Sensors and Cameras on Engineer and Infiltrator. What is this? Spider Spartan?

-Those are much more acceptable. I only dislike the big bulky ones like Engineer and Venator but the Wetwork chest is the number one in my dislike list. (Actually, I have a dislike list since Reach lmao) Aviator has two cocktail mixer on it’s back. Funny thing about Operator, it’s like the armor have -Yoink!- lol.

-It’s much better than the Reach ones (Security and Emile wanna be~~), my only problem is some of them are hardly recognizable (especially on Female Spartans, pay attention for them and show love <3 ). Overall I don’t like Venator, Wetwork, Aviator and Hazop.~~
Overall, since you only have to select one of them. It’s not a big problem, I like to stick with one armor. But that one is perfect for me. :slight_smile:

I could rant all day about the art style and theme of the game, but I’ll try to stick to the armor itself.

The armor, along with everything else, just looks generic and cliche. In the past Spartan Armor, along with most UNSC designs, was bulky and simplistic, it actually looked like practical armor.

Now we have Storm Troopers, Transformers, Skull Masks, Demon Helmets (Raider)…actually now that I think about it a lot of the armor looks more intimidating and dark than actual standard military gear.

I mean just compare this to this. CQB makes me thing of a futuristic counter-terrorism military helmet, soldier just looks like a generic ‘hardcore’ sci-fi helmet.

However, I do disagree with people that say visor less helmets suck. Some, such as Protector, look decent and fitting to the universe in my opinion.

All the armor pieces besides the Helmets (of which most are quite hard on the eyes) are not unique or memorable in any way. Where in Reach and especially Halo 3, every piece stood out as a unique and memorable armor piece.

No flamez, or any AE’s for that matter unless its mode wise. I liked the reach armor, dat security set is beast. The fact they mocked the Haunted Helmet is/was wrong. The lack of attachment vs. different shading on the helmet/armor is sub-par.

Mixed impressions and opinions. Although 343 kind of gave up quality for quantity, it is still very nice to have many armors to choose and pick from.

There are a lot of pieces I don’t like the design of, but the overarching design of the Spartans’ armor is great. It looks more functional than any past armor, retains the instantly recognizable Spartan silhouette, and animates well.

We need armor pieces that stay true to older designs more (Scout is a good example, as is Recon) but we need to be clear what we’re talking about when we complain about Spartan armor.

I like that the helmets are fairly different, and unique, but I miss alot of reach armour (Robot Arm)

I personally dislike them. I dislike the armor selection A LOT.

Most helmets are just out-right ridiculous. What was 343i thinking about releasing helmets with NO visors?
The torso armor isn’t too bad, but most of them leave so many vulnerable spots that make it seem like one well placed sniper rifle shot will tear you in half.

The colors, and the rest of the armor selection look like you belong in some anime/Power Ranger type of universe, not Halo.
If the kept the way Halo 3 or Halo Reach armor looked, I think I wouldn’t have a problem.

Example of Halo 3’s type of armor.

Examples of Reach armor.

I think a lot of the armor is bad but there is some good armor in there like fotus, warrior, commando, venator and protector and mk VI and recon and deadeye but I personally think everything else is trash or just not good enough to be in halo

> Honestly? Most of it looks like crap.

I concur, however, their are some that are pretty cool looking.

IMO, the armor that looks good is:
Mark VI or VII (I can no longer tell the difference)

The Vanguard is the best Halo 4 armor IMO.

Overall Armor Design
Halo 4 armor is better than Reaches and a tie with H3’s in the design department.

Reaches armor have a$$less chaps and rugget looking, not my style.

Halo 3 had a solid look to it and Halo 4’s armor resembles it lot. they took peices of the sides and front so the so called “diaper” was nothing more thn a butt plate.

I feel like it need more armor around the rib area but other than good looking.

Helmets and Styles
There are some good ones and so downright sh*tty ones. Halo 4 has some of the best helmets to date and some of the worst. Deadeye, Locust, Venator raptor, ect all look amazing while yo have wtf helmets like the specialization ones.

Has better Helmets than 3 and reach while having worst helmets.

Venator for life!!!

Really I dont like the armor that much except for venator because of the preorder from BB but yea they look too futuristic.

It’s like look at a marine ok hes a marine and then you look at a spartan and you think that there freaking aliens or something. IDK :confused: