Question Of The Day:Jetpack

is halo 4 jetpack balance then halo reach’s jetpack?

Question of the day: jet pack

It’s hardly “balanced”, but it’s better than Reach’s.

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this thread sucks

Lol yeah. I don’t see how it’s unbalanced now that they’ve killed it.

if you ask me its still a huge tool for noobs

Better balanced now, but it’s still quite OP. Breaks maps flow.

It definitely gives much more lift than in Reach, and that’s what makes it less balanced.

I think they should either reduce the lift, or they should reduce the time it works and/or increase it’s regeneration time.

Frankly, I think it should be a map pick up. I say that for a lot of AAs, but jetpack especially.

I like the Jetpack and it should stay in the game, but a Jumppack would be more balanced and tactical in game.

Halo 4’s Jetpack is better balanced than Reach’s, but its still broken.

One of three things need to happen to it for Halo 5 because I don’t see it gettin nerfed in this game:

  1. Removed from the game.
  2. If its going to retain its power it should be removed from loadouts and be a map pick up only.
  3. If its going to be a spawning AA it needs to nerfed into oblivion and become a jump pack.

Jet Pack needs to go!

Jetpack? Oh you mean the clay-pigeon thrower! I love it when opponents use that thing! It’s like they’re asking to get pegged out of the air.

Jetpacks maybe cool to use, but i don’t like them. I rather stick to my Active Camo.

>Armor abilities
pick one.

> >Armor abilities
> >Balance
> pick one.

Both. They can be balanced with enough work. However, if you’re going by the Halo Arena style definition of balance they probably won’t work.

> this thread sucks

This made me lawl.

I feel it’s balanced in this game. But tbh I didn’t use it often in Reach.

H4 jetpack is very balanced compared to Reach jetpack. But is still a terrible concept to have in Halo.

Jetpack is much better in Halo 4, I applaud 343 for that. However it still breaks map flow default filling up an ability slot. When I got rid of it from my loadouts I realized how much more difficult the matches were since I relied on it and the DMR so much.

> H4 jetpack is very balanced compared to Reach jetpack. But is still a terrible concept to have in Halo.

This. Reach’s jetpack gave you the ability to fly out of the battlefield, recharge shields, and come back into the battle from some extremely high rock. 100% BS. H4’s jetpack is far more ‘balanced’ if such a word can be used to describe jetpack in MP. Either way, if 343 was really looking to bring Halo back to its roots, they’d have taken this AA out entirely.

Also Mr. Riot Rojas, the fact that you are using possibly one of the most useless AAs, one that is rendered useless simply by looking at it, makes me wonder what the future of this gaming community is going to be.