Question of the day: halo 5 beta

should halo 5 have a public beta?

Yes, they should have a public beta.
I thought it would be okay to not have one for Halo 4, but I was very wrong.

This is sort of a no-brainer. Yes it should have a public beta. Whether that will actually help (see Halo: Reach) is something else entirely.

I personally would like to see a beta but I have no idea if that would be possible with the new console coming out.

> I personally would like to see a beta but I have no idea if that would be possible with the new console coming out.

Halo doesnt release with it so the beta would be on it

> should halo 5 have a public beta?

Halo 4 didn’t have a public beta because 343 fell so incredibly far behind schedule that they didn’t have a playable game ready for testing in time. Here’s to hoping that for the next game they learn from their mistakes…

If they can get the multiplayer done in less than two years, than sure. If not then there’s no point, it would be just a waste of time.

So many of Halo 4s problems could have been fixed before the game was shipped with open beta testing.

Just look at how much has changed from day 1 to today and there’s still more to do.

People don’t want to pay full price for a half finished game they want to play a finished product that won’t be changed drastically over the next few months…

All we can do is hope 343 has learned from the mistakes they made with Halo 4 and they can put out a game for all HALO player yo enjoy…

Considering the number of changes required to the engine/matchmaking in order to do dedicated servers well, I would think at least a full-scale public test would be beneficial to 343i.

I wan’t to play 343i’s version of Halo, not necessarily the vocal minority’s version. Beta testing implies that people are going to have feedback/shape the final product. I’m not sold on this practice ever being effective in a retail FPS space.

Beta != Test

If there is a Beta, it would have to run on the Xbox One due to backwards compatibility issues, as Halo 5 will be running on the new hardwear.

As for if they should do one?

One problem with Betas is that a lot of people just see them as demos, and don’t contribute to improving the final product.
However, I think that the Halo community on waypoint is vocal enough to support this.

Maybe they could implement a system where only players with a Waypoint account can compete in the Beta, if they are worried about general players clogging their servers and not offering feedback.