Question Of The Day: Armor Abilitys

Witch Armor Ability’s are useful in matchmaking?

anyone would say JetPack

but Thruster Pack is multi-use, Thruster all the way

I would definitely say Thruster Pack. I use that a lot and it’s been very useful for me.

Also Promethean Vision is quite useful.

“Witch Armor Ability’s”

I would say the best Witch Armor Ability for matchmaking is Flying Broom. The one where you can fly on a broom with the same capabilities of a Banshee but it’s limited to 30 seconds and it has a three minute recharge time.

I find using Hologram as a Radar dummy works wonders for people coming around corners, or using them to fake out flag defenders on maps like Adrift, where I send the Hologram through the Grav Lifts.

Savvy campers prefer active camo.