Question of Tenrai Event Challenges

If I use a Challenge Swap on one of them, will it give me another event challenge, or will it screw me out of progressing in the event?

Curious if anyone has tried…
I wouldn’t be surprised if it screwed me, based off of the stuff that’s happened since launch.
Hope this thread doesn’t end in me having to send in a ticket to Support.

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Just switched one. It will give you another event challenge.

Let me guess, you got the killjoy challenge?

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I got the one that you had to interrupt 5 killing sprees.
You mean I have to intentionally let the enemy win for a bit to get this challenge done? XD

When I swapped a challenge ( non event one ) I just got another weekly.

Also I don’t see the kill joy one being that hard. Sure it’s something out of your control but if you have played the playlist it’s pretty common for someone to go on a 3-4 kill tear (sword/hammer/ rocket spawn) and just end up killing them.

I feel this is one you just need to play the game without focusing on it and it will happen naturally. Just my $.02

Yeah, I guess I just gotta grind for it.
I’m just tired of the ones that you have to do that for.
Challenge Swaps should be an “I want to swap” rather than “I probably should swap”

There’s a few challenges that just rely too much on factors outside of your control, like you said.

Lol the challenge for me was to interrupt 1. How they expected you to do 5 is crazy ! Switched it out and got “kill 5 spartans with headshot in fiesta” so much easier

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Op was referring to if you were to swap an event challenge.

I get it you’re right its not too hard when you think about it. Just random. Anyways swapped it out for a less random one and bingo. Time saved for me

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Just switched it out, I got “Complete 6 Fiesta Matches”. I don’t even have to win now. I can just go crazy with a rocket launcher if I want to.


Doesn’t matter you can only unlock 7 tiers per event period and there in only 3 so even if you complete all challenges every time this event returns you can only get a maximum of 21 out of the 30 tiers. 343 aren’t great at math I guess

Just FYI there are 6 events taking place

It gives you another even challenge. I had to get a killjoy in fiesta, and it was seriously cramping my enjoyment of the game. So I swapped it and got “get a double kill”.

So you should be fine.

The final challenge was to get 5 killing sprees and people had challenges to stop them?. That explains why people were so desperate to stop me. Whenever I was close someone would come outta nowhere with rockets or people just seemed to be sweating to stop me

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Or you have to buy the last 9