QUESTION! : Halo MCC help for a newbie! :-)


I love Halo but am by no means an expert at it. I like to play casually online with my full loadout (I like using the assualt rifle or similar fully automatic weapon)

My question is: Every time I try to play MCC online, it seems no matter what I choose I end up in a game with Battle Rifle only or a gametype like capture the flag/bomb etc

Is there a way I can choose to just play basic halo with my automatic weapon and just basic free for all or team deathmatch? I’m sure I used to do this on Halo 3/4 when I used to play it years ago…



Free for all is called Anniversary Rumble and that is a playlist you can choose

As for SMG vs. BR start, you have to choose “Team Slayer” over “Team Slayer BRs”, and the majority of the players in your lobby have to choose that as well

majority of the community loves to play br game types myself included . it all comes down to the vote… ay maybe try and practice with the br u might like it