question for you all

wasn’t sure which topic to forum to pick for this but
How do you feel about T-Bagging?

Completely fine- but don’t be stupid about it. If you didn’t kill someone 1v1- it didnt warrant a -Yoink!-. If the player wasn’t camping, power-weapon hoarding, or acting like a tool- probably didn’t warrant a -Yoink!- either. I -Yoink!- occassionally, but usually prefer to smack around some corpses to get my point across.

Used to be a friendly taunt used in one of those spontaneous rivalries that you get in a match.

Now its meaningless because everyone does it all the time for no reason. I mean you dont HAVE to assassinate someone AND -Yoink!- them for 45 seconds do you…the assassination is supposed to be the ignominy. I bet people dont even know what it means anymore. Completely spoiled.

where is the don’t care option?

I don’t do it myself. I just run by enemies I kill and shoot their dead body or melee them instead. Tea-bagging means I have to stop moving which is bad. I don’t care if other players do it. More often and not they are one more free kill for me.

Yeah, no ‘I don’t care option’ there… :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t mind it. But I don’t T-bag. I simply do one single squat. Gets people riled up and they play sloppy to get me… He he he, psychological warfare…

I love killing people while they T-Bag bodies. Once in Sandtrap three guys where all T-Bagging one body. I was in firing range with a missile pod.


Only done my kids and fratboys who think it proves that they’re not “small”.

I love it! But not for the reason most do, nothing brings me greater pleasure then gunning down some jerk who is T-bagging a corpse. My only hope is the T-bagee gets to see the T-bagger drop in his spawn screen. As for my use, very limited and generally relegated to end of the game victory celebrations on a team that has spent most of the game T-bagging. Otherwise Im to busy trying to find someone else to kill or back my team up.

I really don’t care. I don’t t-bag. If someone t-bags me I just shrug it off. It does, however, feel good to own t-baggers when they’re too focused on it and don’t see you coming.

I really don’t care. I (usually) don’t do it to other players, and I often shrug it off when people do it to me. Well, there is the special case of where I happen to know them and I do it out of friendly rivalry :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not a big fan of T-bagging all though I can’t say I’ve not done it numerous times.

I’ve learned to not T-bag people, unless they’re special.

I don’t do it, don’t care if others use it.
Doesn’t change anything for me.

If you’re more skilled than me and like to brag, fine.
If you’re bad and can’t beat me alone (like my teammates quitting and I stay), fine.
If you got a rape clip on me, I better see it in a montage.

I only do it to those who really deserve it.

> I only do it to those who really deserve it.

Yeah me too.Only do it three ways:
1)What Gold finger said, and;
2)If they -Yoink!- me.

3)In Griffball, to get some people mad to come where I’m at so I can kill them not actaully teabagging people, but just teabagging the ground[taunting them] and to stay a sec. or more in the air (Air teabagging:not on somebody’s body;just in the air;