Question for those with LE.

Is there a code that comes with the LE in order to redeem the Map Pack, or does it just know you have the LE and work that way?

I ask because I have ordered from Amazon and got a code from them. I’m fairly sure this is purely for their bonus content, but want to be sure for the reason below.

I gave away my Amazon bonus to a lucky competition winner on this forum, so I want to make sure they’re just getting the Amazon bonus and not the map pack as well.

Yes the LE comes with a red resealable packet containing the exclusive prime weapon and armor skin and the map pack code.

Unknown I think. My guess is there is a code in the box which you input into Live and it then will autodownload each Map Pack as they become available. Codes given via email are probably only for extra content from each retailer. I don’t think anyone will be absolutely certain about anything for another few hours, but then we will know all.

was i the only one terrified taking the disk out of the metal case? i hate how well they hold the disk in :expressionless: