Question for the pc players!

For those who have played halo infinite on both pc with kbm and xbox with a controller what feels better to play the game with? As a currently only xbox controller player I’m just curious on if aiming is better? I’ve seen some crazy sniper plays on pc.

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I play on PC with controller and have played on my family Xbox Series X as well. Xbox seems to have the better aiming. However I can not answer the KBM question.

I don’t use sticks anymore, but as a kbm player I can tell you the sniper feels like trash. You can flick on target, but the sudden fov adjust on the extreme zoom with no animation makes it a nightmare to try to flick with scoped, unless they’re letting you sit around zoomed in without descoping you. Noscope is very hit and miss due to the bloom, so outside of fairly close ranges I use it to bodyshot and swap to br for the combo.

For the aiming itself, It’s hard to compare without playing sticks, but what I can say is I notice the magnetism way more on pc than I ever did on console. Just randomly I see a shot I completely missed turn itself into a hit because the outside edge of my reticle circle was touching the player outline.

It’s also super annoying trying to aim at longer ranges with some of these reticles, which either completely block the target or you have to just guess where in the open center your bullets will actually go.

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Mkb is trash, but it’s a trash pile I’m willing to die on because I don’t wanna buy a controller or console.


For me, I’ve played on PC with both M&K and controller - IMO, M&K just feels more natural to me for an FPS game, regardless of it being Halo or not. It’s rare that I’ll pick up an FPS and find it better on controller. It’s doable on controller for me, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not as natural feeling as M&K. I tend to use controllers in racing and flying games, and occasionally in third-person games, but FPS is always best on M&K IMO.

I play KBM exclusively. I frequently lose 1v1’s against worse controller players, because the aim assist is amazing. Though, when playing Tactical Slayer I typically do much better than most.

I was a console only player up until about 2 years ago. I can’t go back to using a controller anymore. It feels awkward to me now.

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I played on xbox until 2 years ago, then switched to pc. Controller is what im used to so thats what i use