Question for community regarding "Atriox"

In Halo infinite, it seems the main antagonist is Escharum for the most part (don’t know about floating lady yet), which is weird because you would think it would be Atriox (being we’re fighting the Banished).
So, my question is: Do you think 343 is going to pull off another “Jul Mdama” on us?
(As in, kill Atriox off in the beginning). And how would you feel if they did?

I don’t think they would. Atriox as of last known location is reach I think and without transport. With Cortonas guardians making a mess of it all I just don’t see him making a appearance. If they did that would be really lame. but it does look like they are pulling a jul on cortona though as she mysteriously is also not present. Nor are her guardians.

I think he got off Reach because Escharum was there when he returned, and Escharum is definitely not on Reach in Infinite’s trailers, but anyway. We are fighting the BANISHED, so it’s not crazy to assume we’ll see Atriox (a.k.a their leader). To add to that, we haven’t really seen much of the guardians besides the crashed one in the campaign overview (so I don’t think the guardians will be making a mess of things this time around).

It’s all a matter of perspective. You have to consider that this story will have continuity. There is no reason that Atriox needs to be the prominent villain in the main campaign. We know that we at least see him in some capacity. The others talk about him. But that’s all that needs to be done.

Giving other characters like the Hand of Atriox members (Escharum, Jega, Hyperius and Tovarus) the spotlight is a way to diversify and flesh out the faction while simultaneously building up to Atriox for when he eventually comes front and center in DLC.

With 343 seemingly going in this direction, it’s a good way for people to call other characters besides just Atriox their favorites when looking at the entirety of the Banished as a faction. If Atriox was basically the only Banished villain that mattered, that would make the Banished much less interesting and more one-dimensional. And I have little doubt that Escharum, Atriox’s mentor, is going to be a fantastic character for the main campaign. 343 hasn’t forgotten Atriox by any means. It’s simply not his time quite yet.

Recent video leaks on Youtube suggest otherwise.
Search up Masterchief vs. Atriox.