Question =D

I’ve been working on a story for awhile but keep running into a few problems maybe you could help me with.

  1. Do Sangheili (despite being a reptile like species) sweat?
  2. Does the Energy Sword have a default look or is it up to the Sangheili in question on how it looks?
  3. What is the Sangheili Calander like if they have one in general?
  4. If they have a Calander, do they have seasons, if so, what are they called?

These questions will really help me out further in my story, if you can, please get back to me with your answers.

~With Love: A Enthusiastic Halo Fan =D

  1. Sangheili have not been shown to sweat.
  2. There are the mass-produced models that we’ve seen in the games, but some are custom-crafted for the user.
  3. The Sangheili use the Covenant Battle Calendar.
  4. I’m not sure if they categorize dates by season, but it is possible.

Adding to what was posted above. Sangheili seasons are of unknown duration. Their own second equals about 2.2 to 2.3 human seconds. One Sangheili solar cycle (around Sanghelios) is equivalent to 583.3 Earth days. One day on Sanghelios has 29.5 Earth hours.

This is all very helpful ^^

Now I have more questions, what insults or words do Sangheili normally use besides Nishum, I wish we could have a dictionary published of words and phrases used by Sangheili, any thoughts?