Question and comments

Just played about 10 games,and the default controls MOST definitely need time to get used to.

My question is is there any way to turn off vibration? I couldn’t find it in any of the settings.

My comments are is that, it feels a lot like a Halo/ Titanfall without the titans. The way you jump and climb and all that staying in midair stuff. The smartscope is actually very useful, and no longer cosmetic is a issue.

Getting used to clicking left trigger to aim is really going to take some time to get used to especially since it’s been years since I played a CoD. I kept clicking right stick, but ended up crouching.

I don’t understand why you float in the air when jumping and smartscoping… like wtf. is 343 really trying to make the game so easy?

And why is the game now calling out the power weapon spawns? Halo was all about knowing the power weapon spawn times yourself, so you can time it on your own and get the edge over the enemy. Less knowledgeable/skilled players would be left in the dust, cause they didn’t know what each power weapons/power up respawn time was after it was taken.

All of the weapons have gotten a buff, except the BR/DMR meaning the assault rifle is beast even in mid map, if you just smart scope it. If you get shot from behind with a assault rifle or SMG, you’re dead you literally do not have the time to turn around and for example, “out br” them. Because it takes like 2-3 seconds to die with them just shooting your chest, not the head. Also the sniper is insanely powerful, if you shot someone once with any weapon, then hit them with a sniper shot to the CHEST, its insta kill. It’s even stronger than the Halo 3 sniper, in which the enemy can die from a hit if they had half health, unlike in Halo 2, body shots can only kill if they have no shields. It seems that automatics are much more useful than precision weapons, which is a big issue. Cause its rewarding sloppy play over skillful headshots.

Though nobody used the ground pound, or the thruster pack much I noticed, but after using these spartan abilities, the only ones that seem actually useful is the thruster pack and sprint. Everything else is just flashy without any true usefulness in competitive play. The ground pound takes forever to activate, the running melee slam has a greater margin for error, instead of the previous just run and melee twice to get a kill.

Also whoever that said you don’t move slower when getting shot, thats BS, because you most definitely move slower when you’re getting shot. I don’t mean the running portion, I meant when you’re strafing/walking.