Question about this "Free Trial" business

I asked this in a thread about the map pack, but it was never responded to, so I figured I’d start a topic. I’m a Map Pack Pass owner, but I think I may have downloaded the glitched, free version of the map pack (I saw 0MSP and assumed it was my pass-owner’s download).

When the “free trial” period is up, will I have the maps revoked and need to re-download them? If so, will I lose the achievement progress I’ve made on the Crimson maps so far?

If you bought and downloaded the map pass then you should be fine but they’ve made errors before.

Well, hopefully they won’t just deactivate every copy of the free map pack without checking who downloaded it, because I would imagine a lot of people did the same thing I did. Even then, I’d be fine with re-downloading the maps; I just want to make sure nothing gets messed up because of all of this.

Ask BSangel on twitter, she responds a lot more over there.