Question about Thel's Armor

Along with Osiris, we see Arbiter is preparing for battle. I like both new and old concepts of his armor, and they are just about equal in terms of reveal. We know his older armor is always stated to be outdated, this new one is more of a Ceremonial set. So my question is if his new armor is even fitted for even a slither of battle? Does anyone know if he even has shields and/or camo with his armor? For something not supposed to be worn by a warrior, I’d expect his ceremonial armor to be even more outdated. I don’t think he would be that reckless though.

That is a good question.

I don’t know but your theory is good

Any one else, going once twice, where are the lore heads? Maybe there is more to his amor tan meets the eye. Arbiter was shown engaging in Escalation as well, but I don’t recall any mentioning or sight of his shields. I don’t even think he’s even been hit once in Escalation, even though I didn’t watch much of the comic series.

No its a ceremonial amor as you stated, but still will keep most likely shields and normal functions of a sangheili harness though not special and most likely outdated.

The armor may be a more ceremonial variant, but with all the threats on his life and a civil war being waged, it’d make sense for his armor to have an energy shielding unit in it.

Its just new armor, you see it in Escalation as well, and that was first seen in 2013 so its nothing new