Question about the STEALTH specialization...

When equipped with “Wetworks”, the user unlocks a specialization called stealth.

Anyway, A few questions boggle my mind when equipping it, can you guys help?
(Jeez. I sound like Dora…)

  1. Does it increase assassination speed? And if so, how?
    a. For instance, does it perform the same assassination quicker or perform an entirely new assassination that is much quicker than the original ones?

  2. Does invisibility already act as a “stealth” mod or do they go hand in hand?

  3. The footsteps: Does it actually matter? Like is it a major factor that we just grew accustomed to?


  1. Same assassination animations just sped up.

  2. Invisibility makes you appear as a blue outline on PV - even through walls. With the stealth mod you do not show up at all through walls and are just that faint blue outline when they are staring right at you with no obstruction.

  3. Your footsteps are quiet and it definitely does make a difference if you have a gaming headset like Turtle Beaches.