Question about the seasonal pass...

I have a somewhat odd question regarding how the seasonal pass works - is it tied to an individual profile or a storage device?

I ask this because I no longer know the password to the email tied to my Xbox live profile and cannot “log in” to xbox live anymore after MS asked to confirm my accounts security (I created the email when I was in middle-school and I am 21 years old now, so god knows what password I had back then). Now I don’t mind losing all my achievements or DLC’s to games I no longer play, but two days ago I purchased the seasonal pass and am wondering if I will need to repurchase it again.

Basically, the seasonal pass is listed on my harddrive, but I am afraid that the prompt to download future map packs has to be “activated” via my now defunct Xbox live profile and not my newly created account.

Can anyone help me out? Or at the very least point me in the right direction?