Question about the Halo: Reach maps with CEA.

Hey guys, so I did a post about this about 3 days ago, but I got a varied response from here on the forums and on xbox live from whom I have asked.

My question is:

When I get the CEA disk, and I get the Halo: Reach maps, will I also get the previous map packs that have come out.

When Bungie released Halo ODST, their was a seperate disk with the new Halo 3 maps on it, but also there were all the previous maps packs on it aswell, meaning you didn’t have to pay for them.

I am wondering if this is the case with CEA and the Halo: Reach maps.

Mainly because I have the first map pack, but not the second, and when these new maps come out, I would like to have the second map pack, even if I have to buy it seperate :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, hope you can help :slight_smile:

No; but buy the Defiant Map Pack, it’s so much better than the Noble Map Pack.

Thank you, I shall buy it tomorrow :slight_smile:

You only get the 7 new maps with CEA.

You can download them to your HDD and play them via your copy of Reach without changing the disk (I also think it works the other way, I may be wrong though).

If you want to play the original Reach maps, you will need a copy of Reach. You also don’t get any of the previously released map packs, you will also need to purchase them. They are great though so it’s worth it. Especially Tempest.