Question about the Halo 5 Beta Preview?

I was wondering if the people who have got access to the Halo 5 Beta through the Xbox Preview will be able to play the other H5 Beta on the 29th without the need for a copy of The Master Chief Collection?

I’m hoping that’s the case as I have a couple mates who are on the Xbox Preview Scheme but don’t own MCC, but are really enjoying the H5 Beta.

As far as I know, you need the MCC to access the beta on the 29th as that is how it was initially announced. I don’t imagine this current early access test wil carry over to the full beta

just got me thinking its an awful large app to download for a 3 day beta… would make sense to allow the ones on Xbox Preview to also gain access. I’ve got MCC and the Preview so it doesn’t affect me either way.

hey i was told i could come here with what happend by xbox support. so i had to do troubleshooting on the morning of the 20th in dec and what happend was that i had to end up factory reseting my xbox. i had the halo 5 beta saved in my pins was able to redownload it but the early access code i cant retrieve. i was wondering if i could get another sent to me. i got it becuase i am apart of the xbox preview and receaved it as a message from xbox.

So why don’t you have Master Chief Collection…?