Question about the FuD trailer, the Covenant

343 how are you guys planning to incorporate the Covenant into this live action series? We’ve seen Live Action shorts in the past for Halo 3 and Reach and I’m wondering is it going to be the same for FuD or are you guys planning on doing some CGI?

What are ya’lls thoughs on this? I’m thinking they should stay with the CGI.

They’ll probably stay with CGI or it’ll just look fake. :\

CGI, definitely…

CGI but not so much CGI where it’s another Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

I’d guess 25% practical 75% CGI.

Proboably costumes for the elites like in reach deliver hope other then that CGI.

I forgot where, but Frankie said that if there were going to be Covenant, it would be a mix of CGI and real props/costumes.

Make 25 of these elite costumes and I’ll be fine.

They looked great in Deliver Hope, but probably a mix between CGI and Costumes.