Question about the Covenant

I was wondering why exactly are we fighting the Covenant again? Is this what remains of them that still believe in the Holy Journey after the event of Halo 3 or where they sent out on this mission to find the Shield World before the Brutes took over and the Covenant fell apart? If it is the former then why isn’t there any Brutes? Is it because the Elites exiled them from the Covenant? Sorry for so many questions but I’m just trying to make sense of this.

Some Elites still believed in the Forerunners as gods, they reunited and made their own Covenant, the Storm.
Without Brutes, of course, Elites have always hated those beasts.


> They are not the Covenant, they are the Storm. They’re essentially a group of Elite rebels who still believe the Forerunners are gods, and have somehow managed to command groups of Jackels, Grunts and Hunters.

Listen to Stew here, this is the reason why they are still in the game.

Thanks for clearing it up for me. :slight_smile: I figured it was probably something like that and just wanted to make sure.