Question about the Boltshot.

From what gameplay I have seen I’m leaning toward the boltshot as my secondary. The overcharge ability seems quite deadly and in the hands of a player with skill would be devestating.

My question is the overcharge a one shot kill or does it function like a grenade in terms of killing. Does your sheilds have to be down to say to 2/3rds (65%) for a overcharge to kill you or do you have to be on the point of your shield popping for the overcharge to kill you? or is there a certian percent the shield has to be at for it to kill?

I hope its not like the grenades in Halo reach where you are down to 90% shields and a grenade will kill you a mile away.

I would appreciate any info. Sorry ahead of time if this has already been discussed.

From what i have seen, it depends on the range. If you are point blank, i believe is a 1 hit. If you are like 5m away, you need like 2 charged shots.

It kills anything no matter what. The drawback is you can not control where it fires. You’ve got it for a second or two, and than it fires.