Question about the 0.00x skulls

I’ve been trying to get all the achievements in mcc before halo 5 comes out and im about to start the Tying up loose ends achievement. Ive heard multiple people say the bandanna skull just makes it so you dont unlock general achievements such as achievements for beating each level, par score, par time, legendary and, LASO. But I also heard if the skull is active you can still unlock achievements such as finding skulls/terminals, easter eggs. More specific ones would be like destroying each wraith with a scorpion tank on Assault on the control room, not picking up an over shield on pillar of autumn, complete a level without jumping, and those types of achievements. Can anyone tell me exactly whats the deal with the 0.00x skulls?

Just use them I still got the mission complete achievements

I know you can’t unlock the completion ones but you can get the Easter egg ones. Not sure about the specific ones.

you can get everything but completion ones. i got the one about not jumping using bandanna just fine. same with the ones about not using vehicles and all that other stuff.

The only achievements that are affected by those skulls are the ones for difficulty completion, par time challenges, par score challenges, and the skull-specific LASO playlists. You can use any of those skulls for the various other achievements, including Tying Up Loose Ends.

You can get everything except Par Time and Par Score. If you complete a mission with one of those active, if the level completion achievement doesn’t pop right away it will next time you start the game.