Question about Sentinels (POSSIBLE SPOILERS).

I know a good chunk of the story of Halo from reading some of the books/and halopedia online , and I guess I must of missed something about the sentinels; Why are they friendly? I mean I thought they were built by the forerunners, even though the prometheans are ancient humans, they still serve the Diadact who is a forerunner. So why do the sentinels not fire upon you at all?



The forerunners aren’t human. The promethean knights are digitized humans. They were enslaved by the Didact. The sentinals are just “dumb” AI.

Edit: Sorry, I misread. You’re right, the Prometheans are human. But the point is that the Didact was imprisoned for enslaving the humans, and when he was released he regained control of them. He didn’t have control of the AI, the Librarian did.

this is spoiler

the Prometheans are loyal to diadact, he made them from loyal servants and humans.
they were blue originally blue because the libarian turned them away from him and made them basically his caretakers to prevent him from being awakened requiem became his prison.

He was sentenced because of the abominations he made the prometheans to destroy the flood by the other forerunners. The Sentials do not serve him but the librian, blue its a theme they tryed to protray. Blue is true forerunner, while didact become corrupted trying to uphold the mantle they he ironically shattered with is creation of human prometheans and his color is orange or red whatever it is. They do not attack cause humans were chosen as the reclaimer, someone ment to evolve and take up the mantle as protectors of the galaxy. find all the terminals in halo 4 and watch them throught halo waypoint in your xbox it explains all.