Question about Screenshots/File share

Hi, I’ve been taking quite a few Screenshots in game and have been trying to find them on the site so I could use them as a desktop background on my computer however I can’t seem to find Halo 4 file options at all. It is quite annoying that Halo Reach has a File Browser but Halo 4 does not, surely this browser should have come with the updated Halo Waypoint site? Anyway does anyone know if we’re getting something similar on the site soon or is their a way to access your screenshots and I’ve just completely missed it?

It’s coming soon. I don’t know the reason for the delay though or when exactly that it it’s coming. I hear you though, taking screen shots in Halo Reach was something I like doing, and Halo 4 is a really pretty game, so you can take some amazing screenshots with it.