Question about RP boosts

why does it feel like rare-ultra rare RP boosts drop 3 times more often for arena then warzone ones? I have a stockpile of RP boosts for arena that I will never use, and would only give me 200 more points per game, and in that time I could be getting higher EXP and RP in any warzone type.

also since they updated the req boots to stay in your inventory if you don’t complete the required task, like winning, but in Mythic warzone firefight they do not return?

Try going through all of, if not, most of them with Infection. Quite nice in a pinch.

I dunno, but isnt it good that you get more Ultra rares and regular Rares in arena, the games are alot shorter and not to time consuming unlike Warzone.

I get predominately wars one coming boosts from gold packs which is perfect for the 152 grind

You should just sell them which will give you RP towards a REQ pack.