Question about Recon Armour

I’ve noticed this a while ago, but never really cared about it, but anyway;

In order to unlock Reconz, you need to have all the Vidmaster Challenge -achievements. However, I miss two of them (both from ODST, Déjà Vu and Endure) and I still have the Reconz! How is this possible? Am I missing something and am suppossed to have them by now? Any information would help me a lot. Also I ain’t 100% does this also unlock Reconz for Reach too, but looks like I don’t have it unlocked on that game.

PS. I just got my second Perfection in Halo 3. I suck and have been a player since the launch!

I’m still waiting for mine too.

recon was unlocked for everyone

> recon was unlocked for everyone

Oh that’s lame. Well, thanks for the info!

> I’m still waiting for mine too.

You and me both, pal. It was unlocked for “everyone” on March 31st, 2012 due to server transfer from Bungie to 343i.

I got mine with the vidmasters, but for those who didn’t, how would they get the unlocking aspect to transfer to their account? Is it on bungie, 343, etc?

I have the vidmasters unlocked in Halo 3, but not in ODST. I still don’t have Recon. I think I missed the boat. Hopefully 343 has the insight to drop a small patch and make it so that when you have all the vidmasters it unlocks, or just give it to everyone via said patch.