Question about Reach gametypes.

I’m making a huge archive of all the settings of every known Halo game type that has been used in Matchmaking, or is popular enough to be archived using Excel spreadsheets. The purpose of this archive is to be able to use it to make any game type yourself, if you’re unable to find the game type anywhere else.

I got Halo 3’s archive down nicely. Reach has got me scratching my head at all of the updates, TU, Zero Bloom, and Anniversary game types. My big question is: Can I replicate the Anniversary game types flawlessly using an offline un-updated copy of Reach using my archived settings, or do the Anniversary game types contain special game mechanics that can’t be altered like the TU game types do?

An offline un-updated copy of Reach does not have access to the gametype specific features of any gametypes made with the Title Update.

So you cannot, say…use the 3 shot pistol in an offline un-updated copy.