Question about multiple Graveminds and single mind

During the end of the Forerunner-Flood War, there were several Graveminds, even reaching the point of Key Minds. The Gravemind commands the Flood and has a single mind. However, something I’m curious about is when there are several Graveminds, are they individual beings, or the same being with several bodies. Such as the Gravemind is a single mind, but multiple chunks of Flood biomass or is each Gravemind its own entity? Interesting character that does raise questions, what do you think?

As far as I know every gravemind is an single being,but the fact that they share all the same goals make it look for me they are connected like an network but every gravemind is still one unit why its own ability to make choices.
Corrections are welcome

What if there can be multiple Keyminds? THAT would be scary. As for your Gravemind theory…it sounds plausible. The way they might communicate, if they do, could be directly relatable to neurophysics, or however the Precursors/ Forerunners communicated.

I imagine it’d be similar to Warden Eternal, many bodies, one mind

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> I imagine it’d be similar to Warden Eternal, many bodies, one mind

It’s a little different. I think the Flood is only an entity, from a single spore to a gravemind or more, it has a single mind/focus.

There is only one Gravemind active at a time. Multiple protominds? Sure. But only one Gravemind.

Why are their multiple protominds? Because their essentially commanders dedicated to control and leadership of all Flood-forces within a specific sector. Its only when the Gravemind dies or has yet to be created, that one protomind would gather sufficient mass and transform into a Gravemind. More out of necessity then anything else. A good comparison would be the Mimics from the Edge of Tomorrow, the Gravemind is an Omega of sorts, the true leader of the entire invasion force and essentially a sufficiently advanced (magic) being in its own right. Protomind’s in the meanwhile, are a sort of Alpha, a leader of everything within a given area. But what really allows for a comparison is the way they’re united, all Flood cells represent a part of a single nervous system- with the Gravemind being the mind, Protominds being nerve clusters, and actual flood cells being the anti-bodies (or white blood cells).

Now, what role does a Keymind play in this? Simple, the Keyminds are another Command unit, but serving another purpose, as the universe’s most powerful supercomputer. The amount of power needed to exploit neural physics can only be achieved by the subversion of an entire planet’s ecosystem. Mountains of flesh and nerves and thoughts. Raw processing power unmatched by any technological invention. They have such a capability to think, that it literally breaks time and space.

“Particle Bit-Structures” is the name of the game here, physics that combine information theory and particle theory, allowing them to do whatever they want, albeit at a lesser degree then the Precursors. This is how they control Star Roads and other Precursor structures, through sheer, overwhelming processing ability. This is the purpose of a Keymind.

(The information for the entire last paragraph came from Greg Bear himself)

In silentium it is stated The gravemind is the intelligence of several precursors and any other mind the flood takes over. I took this to mean the flood are sort of like biological versions of the geth from Mass Effect thay are a mind made up of many minds.

I think the graveminds are sort of like AI, if its needed at two places at ones it fragments into 2 beings and re-merges later. A keymind is probably a result of several graveminds mergeing together.

So to answer your question Yes and no at first the graveminds will be the same entity but maybe if left apart from each other for long periods if time you might start to see differances, for example a gravemind that absorbs alot of san’shyuum might get more cunning and deveus, or if it absorbes lots sangheili or brutes it might get more warlike and aggressive. But this is just pure speculation.