Question about Multiplayer

I would like to know how exactly does Halo CE Anniversary and Reach map pack can be linked… I mean, I heard about that if you install both game on your xbox, you can play the map pack from both game, but I don’t think it works… lol I’m not sure to understand… do I really have to use the code given in the game to download the Anniversary map pack to enjoy them from Halo Reach? or there are other way?

I just finished all the achievement from Halo CE Anniversary and I want to use only 1 disc to play the multiplayer.

Thank You!


Well, with Halo: CEA comes the Anniversary Map Pack which is a Map Pack for Halo: Reach, and you can play those maps with Halo: CEA, except ALL the original maps that were included with Halo: Reach and DLC.

If you want to have the “complete” experience, you must use the code that comes in the Halo: CEA case. You use that code in the Marketplace and when the download is finished, go to Halo: Reach and you see that the Anniversary Map Pack is in the game.

Two choices. The good choice is the second one, because with that you don’t change discs too often and you have more playlists instead of the 4 playlists that comes with Halo: CEA.


Thank you! I was just wondering because I didn’t want to waste that code… (I know it would sound dumb lol because everyone could go and give it away to their friend or sell it) x) Anyway, Thanks again :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay. When you buy Halo CEA new, youll get a code to download to sync up with the rest of Halo Reach when your playing on your original Halo Reach disc. But code or no code, you can still play the multiplayer from Halo CEA disc but you are only able to play the CEA DLC maps only.