Question about Modding for Machinima.

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Just wondering if I could use mods for Halo: Reach machinima. I have found a few that my friend introduced me to that would be great for machinima! These mods will not be used, nor are they meant to, disrupt the gameplay of other players. In fact, they are actually meant for directors to make better machinima!
Mods include-
Ability to use falcon (the one with the gun)
Ability to use transport warthog.
Ability to use the other version of the SHADE turret.
Ability to use AI (not able to think yet, but they can be killed)
More mods will be coming out, but I just wanted to ask before I actually use them so I won’t get in trouble. :slight_smile:

Using modded content is against the Xbox live terms and it is also against the forum rules to discuss about it, and you can get in trouble for using it no matter what you were using it for.