Question about how Kills are stored in data

Hi guys,

I just wanted to clarify one fairly simple thing about what gets recorded as kills and how it’s defined in the AI. Through the documentation, total kills seems to include AI kills, as well as Vehicle Destructions. So while “Spartan Kills” is its own data value in a number of endpoints, I was curious about what exactly makes up the total number shown for “Total Kills”, for example, in the Service Record - Arena and Service Record - Warzone endpoints.

Say you play a game of big team, in arena, and you get 5 spartan kills. 2 of these spartans were in a warthog and you also blew that up. Does this mean that spartan kills would be 5 and total kills would be 6 in the Arena endpoint? Does the vehicle destruction count as its own kill here?

In Warzone, say you kill 3 elites, 5 spartans, one being in a mongoose, that you blow up. Would you get 5 spartan kills, but 9 total kills (3 elites + mongoose destruction) recorded in the API field?

Until now, I had been treating the Total Kills - Spartan Kills as AI kills, but realized this may be a mistake, as other factors like vehicle destructions may add to this count.

Hi FlamingBull! You are correct that vehicle kills are included in the “TotalKills” field.

In particular, the documentation for the “Stats - Halo 5 - Player Service Records - Warzone” operation states that TotalKills “includes melee kills, shoulder bash kills and Spartan charge kills, all power weapons, AI kills and vehicle destructions”.

Here’s my go-to example for illustrating this. Let’s say that there’s a Warthog that contains three passengers. The driver of the Warthog is on the enemy team and therefore the Warthog is treated is hostile. The passenger of the Warthog is one of your teammates. The gunner of the Warthog is an AI enemy. If you blow up the Warthog with a rocket, your “Total Kills” will be incremented by 3: one for the driver, one for the AI enemy, and one for the hostile Warthog.

More discussion is available here.

Hopefully this clarifies things!

Okay perfect. Thanks for explaining Respected Sir, much appreciated.