Question about Headmaster

So I started a LASO run. Upon completing the first level, the headmaster achievement progressed to 5%. I am now on the Tower mission (mission 4 or 5), but the achievement still says 5%…so am I experiencing a bug? I don’t want to continue the run if it bugged out and wouldn’t give me the achievement anyway.

Anyone have an insight on this issue?

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Yeah, I had the same issue when I finished the run: laso, heroic and legendary run achievements stuck at 84% and 94%. After closing and reopening the game, I loaded the laso file from the menu and Headmaster unlocked; then I did the same for heroic and legendary cheevos.

thanks for the reply. Do you think it is still a problem if I have reset the game multiple times, and the progression has not changed? Do you think it will randomly fix itself?

I read somewhere that as part of fixing the achievement issues, they’d disable achievement tracking percentage. Can’t find it now to reference it though, sorry.

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It’s very likely that the achievement will unlock at the end of the run, regardless of the percentage shown.

Part of the update they just did to fix campaign armor lockers. Progression tracker no longer works, but it will unlock as intended when criteria is met.


ahhh I see. Thanks a lot fellas. Much appreciated

I just finish the LASO campaign and I did not recibe my achievement. And when I look to my achievement progress it says 5%. And I ended the campaign in LASO 2 times. How can I solve it?! Thank you for you time.