Question about Hardlight Shield


This is a question for those that have played halo 4.
Does the hardlight shield take the impact of a boosting ghost?

If a ghost is trying to splatter you, and you deploy the hardlight shield will it stop the ghost in its tracks, deflect it or is the ghost powerfull enough to boost through the shield and then you?

I dont see this as being a problem, as the ghost - in this situation - would normally hold back and shoot the shield away and then boost in for the quick splatter kill. But i was wondering if the HLS could be used to defend against the boosting ghost?


I’m pretty sure you’ll still die even with it up.

Nothing was more frustrating then going for the splatter only to be denied by armour lock.

I don’t think they’ll make the same mistake again…

The Hardlight Shield is NOT an armor lock. It will definitely help you in some encounters if used properly, but it will not protect you from a large mass coming your way.

I think someone found that if the Ghost hits them at an angle the shield wins, but if you hit them straight on the Ghost wins. This may be wrong, or it might just be a rumor.

I hope it just slows vehicles down or something other than completely destroying them.

there was a video gameplay with the hls vs ghost the ghost splattered him but ths hls had already been used twice before the third time with low energy

Yeah you’re not wrong there, but with the hardlight shield it would kill the shield not the ghost or the person using the shield. So it would be a buffer against a ghost splatter. But only for a single use.

Unlike the Armour Lock, it’s not going to kill anyone, just buy the user afew more seconds.


Watch this. You also can’t crouch with the hardlight shield. Evidence

Maybe it depends on how much charge is left on the shield, as well as how fast the ghost is traveling?

No it does not! I had to learn that the Hard way when I first played. :frowning:

Bummer, oh well. Seemed like a good question to ask. Now i will not make that same mistake.

I have another question:

As it covers the front of you’re spartan, i was wondering if there was a sitation where an opponent had a height advantage over you,say by jumping etc. Could they shoot down on an angle and still pull a frontal headshot on you?

Hardlight might take a majority of the damage from an incoming Ghost…