Question About Halo Fest

Hi, I am going to Pax Prime 2011/Halo Fest… Well I’m really only going for Halo Fest. Anyway, I am 14 years old, and I have a question thats pretty important. Will I be allowed to play the CEA demos, go to the panels and partake in any contests or whatever else Halo Fest has to offer? I have a guardian with me (Obviously over 18) so will I be able to take part in the festivities? If I can’t will they allow me to as long as an adult is with me?

I think you should be able to get into the Halo Fest area and panels with your parent. Dunno about the situation with the playing of the games though. Course, that would be a good question for bs angel to answer for you.

How do I contact bs angel?

> How do I contact bs angel?
Write her a message.