Question about Fractures

I was recently looking at Fracture stuff, and began questioning these other universes. I’ve been wondering if the Fracture universes are actually alternate timeline/part of some multiverse or just some radical non-canon interpretation of the Halo universe. What’d you think?

The latter. Some might feel a bit closer, but its mostly just taking inspiration from other thing.

I like to think of them as multiverses, but in reality they’re just different, non-canon reinterpretations.

They are simply 343’s attempt at doing alternate realities. Honestly, think of it like Marvel’s “What If?..” series.

“What if Humanity followed Japanese culture instead of Western culture?”
Fractures Tenrai.

“What if Humanity was more diselpunk and our war with the Covenant was a more traditional ground-war?”
Fractures Entrenched

Honestly, what 343 NEEDS to do is have each Fractures universe be given a small anthology novel. Give us seven short stories to provide us multiple perspectives of this alt-universe so that people that are curious about the lore of these armors and their worlds can have their curiosity satiated in an entertaining manner.