Question about fracture event

I’ve heard there is a cap on how much xp you can earn each week. Have I hit that cap when I complete all the fracture specific challenges. Or can I still progress if I keep laying fiesta mode? Anyone know?

Uh the Tenrai event I think stops you at tier 7, I assume once you hit tier 7 you can’t go any higher until the next rotation.

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I’ve done all of the weekly challenges this week and that’s got me up to level 7.

If there are 3 weeks the other weeks must let you attain more levels as otherwise you would finish up at 21 out of 30.

Yeah the number seems kind of weird to be stopped on considering that the tiers go only up to 30.

Yeah, 3 weeks I would have expected 10 tiers per week.

I guess it potentially means if you don’t hit rank 7 by the end of this week then you can kiss goodbye to ever getting 30 if there is a set number of ranks you can get each week.

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Yeah and with the current state of the progression system, it’s awful to try and climb. I played for about 6 hours so far, even doing challenges for the event and I’m only tier 3. I know that seems like I’m already pretty close to the limit, but man, it’s slow.