Question about FORGE?

I was wondering if you can publish your forge maps so players on LIVE can download them just like in HALO REACH??


Yes you can but its the hardest thing you will do in the game to get in on your Fileshare.

I have a quick question too, in Reach’s Forge, you could hold LT and use the right stick for really really precise movement, i can’t figure out if that’s in Halo 4, did they remove that or re-map it to some strange combination? I realise they have magnets, but some things still require precise allignment.

Also, Does anyone know if Campaign scoring has been scrapped because i can’t find it anywhere? Gutted if that’s gone.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

No campaign scoring hasnt been scrapped.
Go to the Spartan Hub then Service Record and then CAMPAIGN.

No, that’s just the service record.

Campaign Scoring, scored you on-screen, firefight style, as you actually played the game. Scoring you and your friends in between missions. It’s been in since Halo 3.

I now assume that’s not in, i hope they add this in a patch or something, along with Campaign Theater mode.