Question about connections

Moving into a new apartment.

I will have a 2-5 mbps DSL wireless network and a wireless adapter on my console. Will I be able to play Halo Reach and Halo 4 with this? Anyone have experience with this kind of thing? Lag? Delays?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I have played Reach, H3, with a .725kb DSL, and I now currently run a 3.0mbps DSL and it runs perfectly :P. You will be fine :slight_smile: shouldnt have any lag or delays with that speed.

Just incase though, since you are using Wireless, try to disconnect your Laptops, PCs, from the internet if you are in a Matchmaking Game, it can at times cause a interference, but I havent experienced it since I upgraded to 3.0. Just a suggestion :),

Playing on a connection that regularly gets capped (only 15gb a month…) you will be fine. Even at 64kbps you can sort of get away with BTB as long as there isn’t mic spam.