Question about campaing and dlc's

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to know if the uncoming dlc’s are gonna be free by buying the base campaign or we need to buy each dlc. This was because I prefer to wait 343 release a pack with the campaign and dlc’s so I buy everything in a great price, instead of buying each part and waste more money like it happened in Halo Wars 2 with awakening the nightmare.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Maybe there will be some “free” dlc, but right now it seems like most of the dlcs will be paid ones.
Probably they will be included on gamepass or something, we don’t know yet…

About waiting for a pack with everything included… well, the plan (for now) is that Halo Infinite will receive content for 10 years, so if you want a pack that includes everything, you may have to wait 10 years until they release that “utlimate/definitive/complete edition/etc pack”…

I don’t think they’ve confirmed either way.