Question about campaign

Does anyone else not having their achievements not unlocking or is it just me? I beat the main missions on legendary but I didn’t get the achievement. Do I have to do all of the side quests and collectibles again?

There are a few threads on here. From memory, there can be delays in them popping.

Search ‘infinite achievement issue’ and ‘infinite achievement help’ - this should cover threads talking about problems and some talking about how to get some of the achievements

Some of my achievements on day one did not complete. However I found if I returned to those areas where I was meant to get the achievement, it end up triggering and unlocking. Like returning to Outpost tremonius (because I never got the achievement for reaching the open world.) This happened on many other achievements like saving a bunch of marines, or bringing them to a main mission… I just returned to the location and it unlocked.

There’s absolutely a delay. I had some achievements pop yesterday that I completed on Sunday. Just a bit of a lag.

They’ll eventually pop up. I just had 2 achievements from the beginning of campaign pop up when I loaded up campaign