Question About Campaign

If you download it on gamepass is it compatible with the steam version or will it be like two different games and be weird?

I guess it only matters if you want unlockables and achievements etc, but will those carry over?


You use your Xbox account regardless of what platform you are on.

This is the answer. There might be something weird and I don’t think settings or saves will transfer, but anything you unlock that can be used online or shown online will be tied to your Xbox Live gamertag.

If you’ve ran MCC through Steam and Gamepass you’d get an idea. It’d be two seperate install locations but progress is carried over etc. Why not just download it all in the same place?

Well it’s “free” on gamepass and $60 on steam is the thing

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Ah sorry, I sort of thought you downloaded the multiplayer on Steam and Campaign on Gamepass XD

I have a feeling they will, settings and saves transfer with Halo 5.

Edit: Actually maybe not MS to Steam, but Gamepass PC to install on Console for example do anyway haha

I’m downloading the Gamepass version so I guess I’m going to find out either way lol

Ok so for reference, the game downloaded and all my settings are even intact, so I don’t know if it’s running from the same game itself of if those settings are just linked to the account. I’m going to watch the first cutscene and then I have to go back to work sadly

I’m sure the unlockables will Be connected to the account now

yeah i think it not being free on steam (if you have gamepass ultimate) is the dumbest thing ever especially since you use your xbox account on steam. You’re telling me there is no verification process on steam when you launch the game that can tell if you have gamepass tied to that account that your logging into. (how is this not a thing???)

Uh, dude. Your tags on this thread as all wrong… I guess it is about Infinite, so you got that one right.