Question about Anniversary playlists

Aright, for some reason, I’m a bit confused about the gametypes for the playlists.

From what I read, there isn’t going to be anything about the current TU playlist expanding into more playlists or the new Anniversary playlist. (The Ann playlist has the 3-shot pistol though). Is this correct?

Sorry, this may seem kind of stupid, but I’m not understanding what was stated in the weekly update clearly.

I think what it meant was that the Anniversary playlist ( which consists of the 5 different playlists ) will stay true to its CE roots (3-shot pistol…etc). The default Reach will also get a face lift with changes from the TU such as AL nerf, Camo nerf, Bloom nerf, Bleed Through…etc Stuff from the Anniversary playlist but not so drastic.

Ahh, so like the Ann Playlists will have a variety of settings like 3-shot pistol, and current Reach settings with the TU (Reduced bloom version).

I think I understand whats happening, but yea, I believe there is supposed to be 2 different playlist adjustments this month, one for CEA and one for later on during the month. So the Current TU will probly become more expanded during the second portion of the changes this month.

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