Question about 343

I have only just started playing halo online again (since I couldn’t pay for Xbox live) and Iv noticed a few things have changed online. Has 343 changed anything regarding the armour abilities? Also I’m loving the new maps

They’ve changed the way both Camo & Armour Lock work for the Evolved playlists.

Camo lasts less time than normal, and runs out faster if you run with it.

Any damage you absorb while in Armour Lock, will detract from your AA usage meter, meaning someone can knock you out of Armour Lock, also, if somebody sticks you with a grenade or Plasma Launcher shots, you can’t Armour Lock to avoid those, you will die in Armour Lock.

Any gametype you play labelled with TU (meaning Title Update) will have this enabled.

Other Title Update changes are:

Reduces bloom (85%) on all precision weapons and the pistol
Sword Block disabled
Although not in Matchmaking any more due to a bug, bleedthrough was enabled at one point so you could damage through shields, directly into health.