Quest to Achilles Spartan Company

Hello people of the Halo universe. I am LAgentZer0I from the Quest to Achilles Spartan company. Are you looking to find a Spartan Company to join but don’t want the pressure of having to abide by all these rules and regulations. Well than this is the place for you.

We need as many people as we can get some we can complete the kill commendations necessary for unlocking the new Achilles Armor set. We just ask that you are respectful to other members, and most importantly have fun playing the game.

Upon joining you are welcome to invite other members to your games, and join up it all out 12 member teams of warzone, or take it to the area for some ranked action.

We hope you take our company into consideration.

We would greatly appreciate the help in getting some new armor for our spartans, and completing our goals as we set forth on this journey.

Message me directly if you would like an invite to join, or reply to this post and I will see to it that you will receive an invite

Thank you, and play on Spartans