Quantum UK is an up and coming competitive gaming team for Halo 5.
Currently I’m looking for solid and committed teammates to tryout for the team. Once we have an established small group of teammates, we will begin practicing and getting ready for tournaments. This is a UK exclusive group as this will make time zones and gaming events a non-issue, this also means we will be mostly competing on Gfinity as well as PGL and MLG where we can.
I will also emphasis this is a team effort so I’m going to be working with the team to take this places, and of course, it’ll be a good laugh. I’m also willing to put all the work in required social media wise to put the Quantum name out there and if any team members have any special skills I am more than happy to utilise them as well.
Message me on XBL (ARC GreenRedMan) if you’re interested.
Simple as that