Quality of life requests

Just some minor things I would like added to help a bit.

Option to change reticle color
Option to change reticle opacity seperate from hud opacity
More outline colors (a color wheel would be best)
Option to change objective colors seperate from outline colors. (Enemies blend in with strongholds)
Ability to see who is talking during a match. (A mic motioning above teammates heads would be great. Current system is too subtle)

These are the main small things but I’m sure there are more


Removing the high pitched chime when scrolling through menu options would be nice.


Reticle centering at both mid screen and lower like previous titles. It would be nice to get some vertical visuals.

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Being able to rotate the death camera would be fantastic.

I’m sure that is by design. Dead men tell no tales.

Changing the reticle color would be cool, I like to play with the yellow enemies (“sunshine” I think), but it can be hard to discern when my reticle goes from white to yellow. This is mostly only an issue with the sword.

More clear teamate damage and death indicators would be help full too, sometime I look right past the tiny “x” and don’t see it

I thought of some more small things.

Option to change hitmarker color.
Option to change menu music volume seperate from in game music volume. (We currently have menu music and music and they both interfere with eachother)
Option to pick single player music over multiplayer music. (I always want the music from the campaign playing while I’m in any menus.)