Qualification Matches for CSR Ranking

As you all know, yesterday the seasonal ranking was reset, and like most players, I was aiming for a higher rank placement in Arena. I’m not a super competitive player by no means, but I have achieved Onyx before and that is what I’m trying to do again as a personal goal.

However, I noticed that the placement matches for each season are still highly unbalanced, as you get thrown into matches with Onyx and Champion users, and out of that also ‘smurf’ accounts. For me, this can be annoying if I can’t hold a candle up to the user I’m fighting because they got matched with me and are out of my league. Many of the qualification matches completed yesterday had at least two Onyx players and one or more smurf users.
This isn’t about the smurfs though.

In my opinion the ten qualification matches should be matched up with other players still completing these qualification matches, not with already ranked players, since it throws your overall playlist rank in the wrong category in general. I find this to be a reason many players get stuck in lower placement but soon rise back to a higher level over time.