Q. Is Promethean vision toggle???

I’m hoping Promethean vision is toggle to activate/deactivate, instead of holding the button down, because I use bumper jumper.
Does anyone know?

also hoping the hardlight shield etc is toggle…

By the looks, Promethean is toggle yea.

I’m pretty sure it’ll be a toggle. It would be pretty silly if you had to hold it down.

PV is probably toggle, but I’m hoping HLS is toggle as well so I onlyh have to switch button layouts when using Jetpack :B

cool thanks for the replies.

yeah i’m thinking i’ll just leave jetpack, don’t like it anyway.

Thruster pack-press once
Hologram-press once

unconfirmed/possible AAs(all speculation on how used)
Active Camo-toggle
Auto Sentry-press once
Regen Field-press once or hold(depnding on how it powerful the regen is, one would be better than the other. I would rather hold, and prevent shooting).

Hope this helps.

It’s toggle for sure. :slight_smile:

It would be pointless if it wasn’t toggle

It is toggle. Watch some of the MLG gameplay videos and you will conclude that is has to be toggle. You can’t do the things that they did if one of your thumbs were being used to hold down Promethean Vision.