Q: About the Halo anniversary items for Infinite

I saw a blog post from 343 and some people online about cosmetic items, like the OG Xbox as a backpack. I played in the early Beta, and played since the latest one came out in November.

How can I get these items, do I need to be logged in on a specific day to get them, or will they be auto-added t my game once I log in?

The OG Xbox backpack is for MCC, not infinite.

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Ohh, my bad thanks! I should have it still installed, is it just log in to get?

No, you have to complete challenges to get Season Points in order to buy them from the Exchange. Some of them are rotating back out, but I think only a few are limited time right now. They’ll probably return next anniversary.

There’s a road map of the items floating around somewhere on the internet.