PvP Psychology Discussion

Scenario (no mics or text chat are in use) your team is down by 5-10 kills (slayer) or 0 to 1 (objective) and the pace of the game feels normal, until the enemy is either within a few points of winning or the time limit is about to expire. Suddenly a noticeable shift in play occurs; everyone seems to turn on their focus for the first time during the match.

Any thoughts or insight as to why there is such a shift so late in a match? Is it the in game notification, change in music, or is it just some odd subconscious reaction?

I’m frustrated and fascinated by witnessing teammates conjure up this late game attempt at turning the tide of battle. Has anyone else noticed scenarios like this?

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Probably this one. It happens in a lot of forms of competition. You’ve likely seen it in some form of sport where one team is getting decimated, and in the last 5 - 10 minutes they suddenly start clicking and playing like they are actually trying to win. Then you’re left shaking your head saying well where in the hell was this from the start?

I’ve personally had games where I’m doing nothing for my team except dying, with maybe 2-3 kills to my name. Then, it’s like a switch is flipped. All of my headshots land, I’m winning melee trades and end the match with double digit kills.

I’m not sure if it’s psychology so much as the game literally deciding who wins/loses every engagement.


Ever since that faithful day in World of Warcraft where a player killing disease broke out, game included psychological analysis when events occur…

People always try and clutch up at the end.

I get this feeling all the time - it feels like the bullet magnetism just disappears. However I think it’s to do with me moving in and out of the weapons range. (I don’t think it’s indicative of the code, more like a flaw in which the game plays)

In most sports and competitive play… the last moments of the game become more intense, especially when one team needs to score. The subconscious deep down wants to survive/win and will try anything in its resources to make that happen. Even at the expense of what they already own.

Ever heard the term “fighting like a cornered animal”? It’s essentially the same thing. They’re on their heels, defeat is blatantly clear now so they kick it into overdrive to try and overcome the odds. It’s that beautiful indomitable human spirit